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Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Uth is the literal definition of making it happen behind the scenes. While you may not always see him at the forefront, the whole team here at theMSQshop knows that we wouldn't be where we are today without his hard work and effort. The Uth is a multi-faceted individual who can play various roles such as videographer, photographer, producer, music engineer, and even a recording artist! Being knowledgeable in different departments of music allows him to hone the art of producing more so than other producers. Everyone starts somewhere. This then raises the question, where did he learn all of this?

Vy: How did you start producing? What was your experience getting up to this point?

Uth: I’ve been producing professionally for about fifteen years, but if you got all the way back to my days of playing with soundboards on my computer back in the nineties, it’s been a lifelong journey. I started out really making beats on an actual beat machine called the MPC1000 so I’m definitely an old head now.

Vy: Where do you draw inspiration from when making beats? Explain your thought process when you produce.

Uth: I’m inspired by everything around me really. I’ve drawn inspiration from a sound in the street, at work, a phrase, or even a certain way someone says something. I’m also inspired by other music I enjoy. I’ll either hear a song that I know I have to sample and turn into a beat, or even just hearing a dope particular style and trying my hand at it. Being an artist as well as a producer, I get a lot of song ideas, and that will give me the inspiration for the music behind it.

"Part of my process is locking in on an emotion, or at least a word that describes a feeling I want my beat to feel like when you hear it, that often stems from the song idea."

Knowing Uth personally, I can vouch for the fact that he is a perfectionist that puts forth 110% in whatever he does. If you don't believe me, just take a look at how organized he is!

Uth produces for various artists associated with theMSQshop, including Stayathomedad, OG ILLA, Kirbs, and more. Check out his production process in his own home studio below!

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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG


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