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Pusha T's 'It's Almost Dry' Tour Makes A Special Stop At Brown's Island

It is a rare moment when I’m left star-struck, but on October 22nd, standing in the front row of Brown’s Island, a rarity took place. Pusha T cemented his spot in next year’s Grammy conversation after releasing his April 22nd album, It’s Almost Dry, touring city to city reminding all who’s “Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss”. While the performance on its own was monumental - Pusha rapping the whole catalog from “Grindin’” to “Diet Coke” - it was more substantial seeing two notable Richmond artists and someone I didn’t know prior shine in the opener.

Both the KIDZ and Noah-O controlled the crowd through great music and even better marketing, doubling down on what the audience already knew - they’re stars on the rise. The final opener, Armani White, was not initially on my radar. Still, after his set performance (including his Billboard 100 charting single, “Billie Eilish”) he’s definitely been added to all of my playlists! It’s no easy task to keep a crowd engaged when anticipating such a significant artist like Pusha, they did that and more, all in all - it was a great night for Virginia music.

Written By Bakari Kennedy. @therealbakarii_ on Instagram

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