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Radio B Drops New Visual "Stop Looking For Noise"

The 0ne Forever-directed visual takes viewers into the mind of Radio B as he aims to Stop Looking For Noise and digest what's going on around him. Images of a Facebook timeline filled with injustices and violence revolve around him along with the planets as Radio raps about breaking free from his personal solstice.

Outside of music, Radio B is also a family man and owns a battle rap league Southpaw Battle Coalition, a clothing brand named after his mom, and a cypher platform in RVA Rap Elite. This song reflects on his humanity and how his reclusive ways affected his ability to truly interact with people. As he holds onto his mom's urn realizing that her time's adjourned, Radio sees that it's time to develop a new personal routine. Rather than focusing on his works as a form of isolation, he puts everything on pause to show gratitude and focus on what's next for him personally.

He closes out the song with the line "I know I'm hard-headed, I soak up toxicity, focus on the wrong things and say it's proximity, but really its, what the mind tells the eye to see so what you put inside your mind determines your odyssey". The message Radio sends to listeners is that it's okay to focus on yourself rather than keeping up with the Joneses. In other words, better yet, from A Prayer on his album Stop Looking For Noise "open up your ears, listen to your spirit, quiet all the noise, the message you gon' hear it..."

Follow Radio B on all social media @RadioBlitz and 0ne Forever on Instagram @0neforever

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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