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Put Your Phone Down! Radio B's "Stop Looking For Noise" Provides Spiritual Guidance

Somewhere between solitude and socializing; complacency and perseverance, we take the time to look inside ourselves. Radio B’s Stop Looking For Noise feels like the culmination of all these hot and cold areas as the overall theme of self-reflection bleeds through the speakers. The thirteen-track feature project that dropped on August 12th is nothing but a reminder that content with substance is still felt throughout the Richmond community - leaving many artists and people alike mulling over each track and how it correlates with the message.

My personal favorite tracks are: If I LIve, stop looking for noise, and Wannabefelt; all backed by soulful sample chops that are reminiscent of Little Brother’s The Listening and Mur’s Murray’s Revenge. A recurring line throughout the project is “put your mother- phone down, stop looking for noise”, a line associated with the aforementioned single, and, obviously, the title itself. I contemplated what I took from that line and the overall mood the project gave me. The conclusion that I came up with is that despite all the desensitization and short attention spans we’ve subjected upon ourselves as a contemporary audience, there’s someone out there still trying to look out for us, the question is: are we accountable enough to listen?

Written By: Bakari Kennedy

Via: Therealbakari_ @Instagram

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