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Rated R Levar is bigger than music.

Rated R Levar isn't a businessman.. HE'S A BUSINESS, MAN! This kid is all about the grind and the work ethic puts his light years above his peers. The talent aside (not be ingnored though..) he truly inspires the city of Richmond to step their game up.

Recently, dropping his project "Fast Satisfactins 3" which is full of party and summer vibes. He def captures the essence of the title and is a great listen.

And he doesnt stop there. Rated R Levar and Rad Boy Plus (his record label/promo company) has been causing massive waves on the internet and real life with his shows. From barn parties to venues this guy knows how to curate and throw a show.

St. Raddy’s Day is the very first Radboy Records holiday and won’t be the last! This year he decided to premier the event at the Voodoo room in Richmond, Va. Excited to celebrate the good times with great food, drinks, and very rad performances from Radboy and others!

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Written by OG ILLA (@HLGNLIFE)

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