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Raymon Jaz: Rap As Spoken Word Prayer In Album "EVERYONE YOU KNOW ACT:II"

Raymon Jaz has released his second album this year, and his fourth album on streaming. EVERYONE YOU KNOW: ACT II is the sequel to EVERYONE YOU KNOW: ACT I which was released three days apart. Both albums are 11-songs, involve similar auditory themes and subject matter, and the idea of setting them as two distinct albums makes perfect sense. ACT II's production is unique and infectious, I was racking my brain trying to think of an artist with similar beats, which is a good thing. It's some combination of neo-soul, chopped samples, and a tiny hint of lo-fi. The project has bars for days. Each song is well-composed, with lyrics that could win slam poetry competitions if there were no instrumentals backing them.

SAY WHEN is eloquent and implores the listener to think long after the song ends. CREWL INTENTIONS are self-directed but hold universal meaning. I love the vibe and melodies of RAY & DELIELA, and POV. The music is introspective, and therapeutic to run through the album from start to finish. Any visuals associated with this project definitely should accentuate the lyrics, whether posting them on screen or visualizing them, because Raymon's pen is the truth. Features from Niaomi Supreme and Dino Smokes bring their individual talents to elevate the tracks, through melody and catchy verses. Raymon Jaz has great potential to break into new sounds that defy description, and he can hold his own as an elite lyricist, there is infinite space for this artist to move from here. EVERYONE YOU KNOW: ACT II being dropped days after ACT I is an impressive move that should also garner attention and prove his work ethic when it comes to making music.

Notable Lines:

"That's my POV, niggas need food no EBT, don't get crossed, CP3, why niggas late so CPT, niggas pull up all-black BET, anybody hate to get DDT, caught between the fake like CG, my face on the TV wait 'til they see me."

"I can't compete with who I don't wanna be."

"My life's a nightmare, get it I fight fear, chillin' here with my Woody I'm in there for lightyears."

"Unlock the swag, unleash the style, I need a bad bad like Denise LaSalle, aye yo Raymon, but it's lookin' like I need a Nicki lookalike like Chaka Khan."

"When you get your reparations you gon' give 'em right back."

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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