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Reckle$$ Is Looking To Make A Statement With Rodie Beats On "The Pink Jacket Tape"

Reckle$$ is a Queens native that currently resides in the Inland Empire region out in California. He has been making music since the early to mid-2000s and on his exclusively produced tape with Rodie Beats, you can hear the experience he has on The Pink Jacket Tape. The five-track EP allows Reckle$$ to display his multitude of flows with his robust New York delivery.

On Sharpshooter, Reckle$$ talks with such a lavish sound of how he moves w/ feet like Liu Kang, he doesn't even have to lace them. The song title plays to the theme of The Pink Jacket Tape, where he aims to be The Best That Ever Was and The Best That Ever Will Be like the famous technician wrestler, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. On Poppin', he pays his respects to Pop Smoke with a similar New York drill music production. Reckle$$ states that "This is the rap version of a [baller] dropping sixty" while he shouts out his brand Lavish Lifestyle popping within the culture. Reckle$$ is not only looking to be the best in music but also within fashion where his clothing can stick out like the pink jacket Bret Hart used to wear approaching the ring in WWF/E. My two personal favorite tracks to check out are To Be The Man... and Poppin'. You can follow Reckle$$ on Instagram @2damngood and Twitter @2DmGood . Rodie Beats Instagram is @rodiebeats

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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