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RECKLE$$ Is Showing The World Why He Is Still "TOO DAMN GOOD"

RECKLE$$, born and raised in New York, has a distinct style and delivery that you will not find coming from most New York artists nowadays. He has proved himself time and time again with project after project and his most current project entitled "TOO DAMN GOOD 2" will definitely show that he will be a name in the hip hop/rap scene in the immediate future.

"TOO DAMN GOOD 2" is the sequel to his project entitled "TOO DAMN GOOD" which he released in 2015. From then to now, you can hear the growth in his lyrics which he expresses in his song entitled "STILL (TOO DAMN GOOD)". The project has thirteen songs that will send you through a different "SICKO VIBE" as you are listening. From smooth melodies and lyrics, you will find songs like "WAVY" and "WILDOUT" to more up-tempo songs like "SALSA" that has a Latin flavor and "VELVET MURDA" (my personal favorite) where he gravitates to the sounds of the streets.

Reckle$$ shows his diversity through his music and his apparel line called "Lavish Life". Both his music and apparel are greatly appreciated by his fans near and far.

I do not see anything less than a bright future for this up-and-coming music artist. Be sure to keep your eyes on him as he rises to stardom in the music industry or as a famous fashion designer.

"If you are not at the table then you are on the menu!"


You can find his most current project on:

And other streaming platforms

Written by: H.Wadud

aka @drmuybueno on all social media platforms

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