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Renaissance Recordings Is Having Their First Show Filled With Sharp Lyricists

Renaissance Recordings is a brand that is filled with battle rap veterans and after years of releasing music, the brand is having its first show! It will take place on March 19th at the Black Iris Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. If you're an avid fan of battle rap culture and want to see how they would sound musically, this show is for you.

*every hyperlink of a rapper's name will take you to their Instagram or to a past interview*

The show features the like of King Preme, known as Preme for short within several battle rap leagues. Recently, Preme was featured on Southpaw Battle Coalition's Road To Supremacy tournament where he made it to the final four in the sixteen emcee tournament. You can get a sample of his cadences with his second-round win over Bakarii Kennedy.

Slumdogg is a well-poised battle rapper that has battled on Showtime Battle League, Our Society Battle League, and League of Champions. When he puts songs out, he raps in a different cadence where his tone is more relaxed rather than the aggressive battle rap approach. Watch his video below for Pop Slang, directed by BCMusic1st, who is also performing on the card.

Sonny Kolfax, a.k.a., Cult Classic is a highly-seasoned veteran battling on URL, L.O.C., and Southpaw. Whatever battle rap league in the DMV region or in Richmond, he has battled on and arguably hadn't lost a single battle. Ever since his full transition into music, the clever emcee has released several projects that have been played internationally in different countries. He is in a group known as Stoner Island which features another battle rapper who earned his stripes and producer, Redd Handed and Trill Nik.

The show also features the likes of Habeeb, T.R.I.G., Johnny Cigs of Gritty City, and Reeveytown. To order tickets, contact Roc Raw on Instagram. While you're at it, check out Roc Raw's tribute to MF DOOM below.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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