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Review: B4God - "Rollie"

Fredericksburg artist, B4god delivers a high energy feel-good banger on "Rollie." The upbeat piano sample on the Nish beat is the perfect springboard for B4ZGod to perform his lyrical gymnastics on. The "...Quarter brick like OJ, give a fuck what h*e say, attitude like O'Shea, cup filled with that Dolce, plug lookin like José, Cuervo...I'm getting to the pesos," the Virginia rapper spits on the refrain may just get stuck in your head and "Rollie" will probably get stuck on your playlist. This song, with the visual produced by JVABOY, has all of the lit energy you expect from today's hits with a flow and precision that would be worthy of respect in any era. I am looking forward to hearing more from B4God. Is there an album in the future to accompany this "Rollie" heater? Stay tuned to find out. Stream B4God's music and follow him on social to stay moving with his movement.

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