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Review: Chris Mattison Weighs his Options on New Single "Plan B"

Fresh off his 2020 album, "The Beauty in Anger," Chris Mattison drops more of his thought provoking real-man rap on his latest single "Plan B."

Mattison uses wordplay like, "...she said my jimmy broken-- period late-- I told her 'Wait, maybe its a semicolon;" to tell the story of when a fling rapidly turns into something more serious. The Richmond MC proceeds to give a play-by-play of the events and the dialogue between several characters. No spoilers here, but Chris Mattison exhibits a control over the narrative of these raps without losing any lyrical oomph-- a rap superpower that is seldom seen. The scene is painted vividly here by a master of the art. Make sure you check out this single and stream all of Chris Mattison's music and follow his journey on social media...

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