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Robalu Gibsun Inspires People To "Keep Going" In Newest Album

Robalu Gibsun is a swiss-army-knife of many creative mediums. An artist, well-known slam poet, battle rapper, teacher, and emcee. He released a new album around the same time as his birthday recently. It is a sixteen-track album that is filled with stories that Rob shares of his life.

Robalu performs The Domino Effect while being at a national slam poetry tournament known as CUPSI.

One thing that is known about Robalu's character is that he loves to uplift people through collaboration. The producers he worked with involves the likes of Ty Sorrell, Yajirobe, BSTFRND, Rashawn, dhermo, CLWDWLKR, LetrickMed, and Habeeb. It is a mixed bag of sounds from jazz-influenced tunes, to bass-filled songs, to soulful vocals and melodies. On Dawn produced by Ty Sorrell, the opening goes:

"If you let your light shine in the smallest way, God will reward you in the biggest way..."

What an opening line.

Dawn is a story of what he scribbles in his notebook while talking to his twelfth-grade teacher, intersecting a future story of sharing a poem to a woman with shea butter smooth skin and a starlit smile. It is a beautiful story where Rob enjoys the time with her catching up and as the bell rings, he snaps back into the reality of the classroom, shows his teacher the picture, and gets praise from him along with the message of "keep going".

Doomsday featuring DuctTapeJesus brings verses that you need to listen to in the whip. Professor Ant's production brings heavenly chords as Rob ties metaphors of food and cars to painting pictures of being a visionary. It is a beautiful collaboration between the two artists that's worth a listen. On twinkleofaneye featuring fellow IAMI member, Habeeb, it's an ethereal song where both emcees tap into their inner divinity and describes how they turn their potential energy into kinetic energy thanks to their high levels of consciuosness.

Keep Going allows Robalu to display the inner workings of his mind and what drives his everyday thinking. It's a soundtrack into his everyday life, taking you through various dimensions and scenarios whether it's in a classroom, walking on Broad Street with a friend, traveling in the dream realm. It is a musical journey that you should check out on his Bandcamp. Robalu is also performing at RVA Rap Elite on February, 20th.

Robalu can be found on all social media @robgibsun .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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