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Roz Pours Out His Feelings On Latest Single "I Don't Get It"

Alex, who goes by the artist name of Roz, is an indie artist hailing from Calhoun, Georgia. I would classify his music as alternative and borderline bedroom pop. I was extremely delighted to cover this single because I loved Roz's past projects, such as his last album C.L.O.U.D.S..

His latest single, I Don't Get It, is out now on all streaming platforms! Let's take a look at the promotional video below.

I Don't Get It is about an individual, presumably Roz, who is afraid of leaving his lover. He sings about uncertainties, trust issues, and other various relationship problems.

"You text me once a week and I don't like that, can you tell me what's the deal?"

The song is upbeat with a steady tempo and catchy electric guitar. Although the song is upbeat, the lyrics are somewhat sad and reminiscent. The contrast between the track and the lyrics reminds me of Joji (Yeah Right) a bit. I loved the pure and raw emotion behind Roz's voice, I feel like that's what makes this song so relatable to others. This is a great song to bump when you're in your feels, but you still wanna be classy.

Overall, the song is catchy, dreamy, and I definitely added it to my personal playlist! If you like Joji or $uicideboy$, this is the song for you. I definitely got a vibe of both artists from this track. If you're going through some relationship issues, or eventually will at some point, I'd most definitely recommend adding this song to your playlist as well.

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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