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"SAMO LAMO" By Shaded Zu Is The Anthem For The Current Generation!

Let’s all face it, nobody wants to be lame. It can kill your reputation whether you’re in school or in public. And trust that nobody will forget it. But that can all be avoided. All you have to do is listen to SAMO LAMO by Shaded Zu.

If you didn’t know about the enigma that is Shaded Zu then this track is sure to provide you all you need to know. First of all, Shaded Zu takes on all the duties of producer, writer, AND engineer. The first and most notable feature of this song is the hard-hitting, distorted 808s. Surely not a lame choice in the landscape of current popular music.

But on top of the production is also the writing. But I imagine this all comes easy to Zu. The first line in the song is “Fifteen bands off rap last year. That’s not bars, it's facts my dear.” Certainly, a tall task. Just ask any up artist trying to make it. While this song only lasts 1:19, Zu gets straight to the point what encompasses a lame, but how the people around him just haven’t seemed to be spared the label. Along with what comes with the title. And trust nobody is safe from the possibility of being lame. Not even his “favorite rapper.”

All in all, this song is catchy, infectious, and a real lesson in how to move in present times. Zu displays his unique and interchanging flow reminiscent of a mix of Atlanta and West Coast hip hop. Whether you’re seeking more info on how to avoid the “lame” label, or even how well the man is doing then Zu has got you covered. The only thing I could possibly ask for in this case is more. Once again, it's only just over a minute long but the message is clear and ZU gets straight to the point. A masterpiece of music and education in the art of lame.

Written by: Savage2x @seriouslyxsavage on Instragram

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