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Saucy Indy's New EP Just Dropped

Saucy Indy not only keeps it saucy, but sexy with her latest project Saucy Indy the EP.

R&B has taken on a lot of different looks as of late, but she keeps its sensuality as she smoothly sings about intimate moments in songs like No Conversate and Long ride. My personal favorite, No Conversate, even reminds me some of Kehlani, as Saucy constructs a well-delivered and tantalizing performance. Overall the EP is seven tracks long, and full of moments that are best suited to a late-night drive playlist so be sure to check it out here for a chance to vibe to something different.

Catch up with the artist as well @saucyindy.

Written by Arianna Rackham, @ariannarackham on insta.

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