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Scream Geronimo Reflects On The Culture's Relationship With Violence on "June 22"

Northern Virginia wordsmith Scream Geronimo is back with more food for the mind and spirit on the freshly released track, June 22. Listeners have come to expect a high level of intention in the themes, lyrics, rhyme schemes, and delivery from this veteran emcee; and once again he delivers. This time he's linked up with producer, Ryan Clark, who provides Geronimo a somber yet optimistic piano-driven soundscape to drop his trademark gems upon.

The refrain, "Half the time I'm entertained by the way that it sounds. Half the time I'm decompressing and playing around. Back of my mind, I know it ain't a sustainable route. The truth is what I'm ingesting is breaking me down" is a sentiment almost every fan (and/or creator) of Hip-Hop can relate with. Sometimes it can be hard to justify partaking in a sub-culture that has a tendency to glorify the things most detrimental to our society as a whole but somehow we all find a way to. In math class you couldn't just provide the answer-- you had to show your work. In this case, the answer to the problem is to keep loving and making Hip-Hop, but this track is Geronimo showing his work on how he gets there.

Make sure you stream June 22 and all of Scream Geronimo's music. Follow him on social media (Instagram/Twitter) to keep up with his movement and stay tuned to The MSQ Shop for more great indie music recommendations and reviews.

Written by: Zach Kirby (@itskirbs804)

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