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Scream Geronimo Takes Us on the "Other Side" of Grief in Newest Single

Northern Virginia's Scream Geronimo is a thinking man's artist. If you're hip to both emcees, Geronimo's attention to detail and thematic layering will remind you of Lupe Fiasco. And like Lupe, there's no genre-blending or topic he won't touch. From highly intellectual observations and ethical debates to the occasional street reference -- Geronimo has got you covered. On his latest single, "Other Side," he checks off the unfortunate box of creating a highly relatable, yet personal R.I.P record. Of course he'd trade that feather in his cap to avoid the loss altogether, but given the circumstances, he executed this record beautifully.

For any highly thoughtful, eloquent, and methodical writer/performer like Scream Geronimo-- coming into the creative process with very specific feelings and things that seem like they NEED saying can often put a cramp on the natural flow of ideas. I don't know how hard this was for SG to chisel out, but his final product is profound and speaks volumes about its subject. It doesn't feel forced, but it also feels complete in its coverage of his friend's contribution.

The first verse on "Other Side" has multisyllabic rhyme schemes, and alliteration, and pinpoint cadence, and all the markings of objectively great rap verses. That is nothing new with this artist. But the most impressive part is how well Geronimo reaches out a relatable hand to anyone who's going through loss and rather than talk about the specifics of his own situation, he paints the picture of how it FEELS losing a loved one (especially a peer.) The hook keeps that same energy and sees Geronimo as close to singing as we've heard him, harmonizing, "I wonder what awaits us but I won't cry. Til' the day I see the gates, see you on the Other Side. (On the Other Side)... I'll be okay, cuz I gotta angel guiding my way. (On the Other Side.) Heavy is the weight til' I'm taking my place on the Other Side." The second verse gets specific about the rapper's fallen friend. Even if you didn't personally know who he's talking about, or no one fits this exact description in your own roster of fallen soldier-- his reverence for this comrade is highly relatable. Even in the verse's specificity, he invites the listener to fill in their own details regarding their own lost ones.

Geronimo offers this regarding the song, “… The guy I wrote the song about was that friend every rapper needed starting out. (He) put me onto a whole bunch of classic rap records, showed up to the open mics when no one else did, made me believe in myself when it was hard to dream.

can’t bring him back to life, but honoring him in the music is my way of keeping his memory alive."

Geronimo healthily expressing his grief is by far the lead story on this. -- please don't get it twisted. But with that established as a given, I want to point out that to me, Geronimo took a step as an artist with "Other Side. " When you're an "intellectual rapper" the danger is always "outsmarting your audience"-- we all know the narrative. But here, Geronimo has crafted a song that will stand the test of time and be something that anyone can feel if they're in a similar valley. For an artist who's Spotify bio even states that his main intent is to offer perspective...thats an accomplishment. And it's an accomplishment I think his boy would be proud of.

Stream Scream Geronimo's "Other Side" and all of his music and be sure to follow him on social media to stay in tune with his movement.

Written By: @itskirbs804

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