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Selina Brings Us Back To The Growing Pains Of "16" In Latest Effort

Life can be confusing and painful when we are growing up. For a lot of us, 16 is more than relatable, it's our life in song. Selina is not only nostalgic but vulnerable in her newest single, leaving the question: Who wasn't going through confusion during their teenage prime?

We find a nearly 20-year-old Selina battling with thoughts that haunt her of a broken heart, but also a misguided youth. It can be an extremely fragile time in our lives as our bodies change along with our mentality towards life. . We see her channel the abuse and manipulation she experienced into this beautiful ballad that puts you in a trance of sentiments. It's always powerful when you can turn pain into real art and we are here for it.

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Written by OG ILLA

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