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Seth Sutch’s Journey Toward “PEACE”

Credits: Photo courtesy of Seth Sutch and his team.

What does it look like to have peace? For a young, new rapper coming out of Houston, Texas, peace is about breaking cycles within his family, finding freedom in music and making it out of his hometown.

On April 3, Seth Sutch’s “PEACE” released on all platforms with a cinematic music video to accompany it. A fairly new artist, Sutch has been making music for just five years, but his influences– ranging from Smino to Mac Miller according to the artist, are already clear. His rap in “PEACE” plays with a combination of hard-hitting lyrics about struggle and softer melodic lines about peace. His music’s versatility is further evident in the production of the track, which features elements of jazz as well.

Lyrically, “PEACE” is an anthem for everyone who has ever had a complicated relationship with their hometown and dreamed of getting away someday.

Sutch’s hook, “I just wanna leave out ‘the H,’ everybody need me to stay. I just wanna leave for a day. I just want peace for a day, I just want peace,” can be heard throughout the song as a reminder that not only does the rapper long for a better lifestyle outside of Houston, but has the weight of others wishing he stayed on his back.

Whether you’re a rapper trying to find this freedom through music, or a cashier who just needs a vacation, many of us can relate to the feeling of needing a break. Fortunately, the bright chords and catchy-tune behind “PEACE” make for an uplifting, optimistic song. Despite some of the bars discussing Sutch’s humble beginnings, such as, “...I had to fight for survival. I had no guidance ‘cause all of my family was never gon’ break out the cycle,” there’s still evidence of his hope for peace through the photographic visuals accompanying the song in the video. Nicely shot idyllic scenes of beaches and sunsets balanced with shots of the inner-city show viewers that peace is something we dream for when we feel stuck in the locations we’re used to. Check out “PEACE,” by Seth Sutch here.

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Written by Aaliyah Freeman, @freems_ on IG

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