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Skinnyy Hendrixx Releases "The Smooth League Villain" Album

After months of anticipation, show after show, and a few radio appearances. Skinnyy Hendrixx finally released his album, The Smooth League Villain on his birthday. Prior to the release, he dropped a visual for Cherokee Kid and a single featuring PT Vell, D'Angelo where he calls himself "the hottest shit in Richmond since D'Angelo."

Ever since the album was announced, he said things would never be the same. This album can represent a mentality shift for Skinnyy to take things more seriously and be more for himself. In the song Fast Life featuring Melodic, his double-time flow compliments the rapid pace it takes to be the boss he describes in his hook: paying the costs to get the cash right and carrying yourself like kings and queens.

On Mother of Pearl, he compares himself to 1998 Latrell Sprewell, (the famous Knicks guard that took the 8 seed Knicks to the 1999 NBA Finals) as he describes how he'll be straight in the game and how he'll remain on his high off life. Then the second track changes the mood of the project. On Nile River Flow featuring poet Jay Guevara, the ominous feel compliments being a Smooth League Villain. The bone-chilling song focuses on focusing your mentality beyond materialistic things and dial into living in a smart way through the power of love rather than the love of power. It can be summarized by what Jay said "Thought plus conviction equals manifestation. Easy mathematics, apply that equation..."

The features range from Illa Styles, to RVA Rap Elite, DJ Melodic, One Forever, Hakeem Romance, good friend PT Vell, and JMarTheBillionaire. Skinnyy also displays his producing skills as he produced the entire album. Some of my favorite tracks on the album would have to be Nile River Flow, Look To The Stars, and Fast Life featuring Melodic. New listeners will appreciate how slick and eloquent Skinnyy's delivery is. Even though the album is titled The Smooth League Villain, he strives to save the game through his own accord with groovy production, double-time flows, and meaningful songs.

Skinnyy is performing at Jay Bordeaux's Indigo art show and read more about my interview with Bordeaux and that June 4th event HERE. Tickets are available in that same article. You can follow Skinnyy on Instagram and stream what Skinnyy [and others can call] album of the year on Spotify below.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.


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