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Skuzii wants you to "Ask About The Octopus" for a reason

Skuzii has been busy. Like really busy. We got to see the hype for ourselves at our First Friday event at theMSQshop and this guy stole the whole show (respectfully). The duality of energy and playing saxophone live was a unique and special touch.

He truly embodies the entire state of Virginia the way he shifts back and forth between 757 and 804. This album "Ask About The Octopus" follows a sold out listening party tour in the DMV.

Songs like "Davie Jones" dives into his presence in Virginia with shout outs to both regions. He follows this with some live lyrics and a hook that will be on repeat for everyone who represents the state. He has other songs like "1997" and "Marijuana Policy Project" Skuzii professes his love.. and need .. for good weed. The feature from Phil.Me is an ELECTRIC verse and def stand outs in a great way.

The project was almost over it before I knew it. Great and easy listen with lots of depth. Makes it easy to enjoy. A lot of skits. Take it or leave it. Lots of vibes, passion in the lyrics and rhymes. Not a dull moment on the project. Overall, production is ELITE and we are super impressed with this project. Put it on rotation asap.

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Listen to AATO here:

Written by OG ILLA (@HLGNLIFE)

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