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Slim Kartel Drops "Jet Fuel" -- a Single, a Visual, and Flite Skool's Newest Infused Beverage

If Richmond rap titan, Slim Kartel isn't in the studio cooking up new heat, he might be dropping a music video for his latest single or even more likely, he's hustling hard for one of his business ventures like the infused food/beverage company, Flite Skool. In this case, he's doing all three with the multi-purposed release, "Jet Fuel."

"Jet Fuel" serves as a theme song for the delicious line of infused drinks of the same name that Flite Skool has been hard at work perfecting. If you didn't know any better though, you would just think it's another dope track by one of 804's finest. The visual was directed by frequent Slim Kartel collaborator, Laaces Out and showcases Slim's unique aura as well as preparing our taste buds for the product drop. Salute to Slim Kartel for inspiring the streets and thinking bigger than just music with this three pronged entrepreneurial release.

Watch the video for "Jet Fuel" above, stream the song, and BUY THE DRINK! Make sure you follow Slim Kartel on social media to stay in tune with his movement.

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