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Smooovvveee Aims To “Up The Score” On His Competition

The young 26-year-old Inland Empire emcee Smooovvveee just released his newest album Up The Score. This album allows Smooovvveee to show the world what it’s like to make it out of “the nine,” aka, the Inland Empire. Up The Score is a twelve-track album that takes new listeners through the successes and failures of Smooovvveee throughout his career while paying homage to his birthplace. Some of the tracks in the album reflects his love for the Inland Empire, such as “Inland” featuring KingH and “Vibes In The 9.”

The opening track “Up The Score” starts with Smooovvveee calling people out on their lack of work ethic. He raps about how he’s up on his competition that focuses on looking good on social media rather than doing good in life.

Up The Score’s leading single, “Tryna Get Paid” featuring Champagne Aramis, is about staying on the course of greatness. In the hook, Smooovvveee states, “Holding it down in the nine and we came to just shine, we finna to be great. I’m trying to get M’s and ball like I’m Wade… when I was a jit and ain’t have it made; now that I’m grown, I’m just tryna get paid.” The visual has Smooovvveee and Champagne Aramis rapping throughout the Inland Empire area about their trials and tribulations.

Smooovvveee’s eleven track album features several artists, such as KingH, ZZZXX, Mosley, and JDoubleC. When asked what the album means,

Smooovvveee replied, “This one is about taking that next step. My last album Different Views, was a stepping stone into a new chapter in my career. So with Up The Score, it’s me really showing everyone I’m here now. I’ve been humble in this game for a long time, but now I’m ready to show everyone my true confidence.”

Smooovvveee is a Southern California emcee hailing from the Inland Empire region. The 26-year-old artist raps about his personal experiences and future aspirations to show relativity to his fan base. With 4.6k followers on his Instagram, Smooovvveee aspires to show his fans the finer things in life. Outside of performing in Southern California, he has performed for album release parties in Atlanta, Georgia. Smooovvveee’s musical influences are Migos and J. Cole, and they are reflected in his music.

Written by Jay Guevara

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