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SMYTH Drops the Much Anticipated Visual for "Drug Use" and Spoiler Alert: It's Not What You Thought

SMYTH (formerly Smyth Knight) is one of the hottest indie artists in the game. He's known for delivering with the quantities --you know-- packed shows, big streaming numbers, pizza endorsement money, etc etc. But he's even better known for delivering on the artistic quality. His newest work, "Drug Use" is no exception.

If you're judging the song by its title on this one, you may be a little surprised. SMYTH takes a break from the boom bap vibes his Hip-Hop collective, Kidz at Play tend to stick to and he's bucked the trap sound that dominates the charts as well here. Instead, "Drug Use" has heavy rock and roll influenced vocals and instrumentation. Thats not to say there isn't bars on this track though. SMYTH even takes shots at the hypocrisy of the old heads in his city (Richmond, Virginia) that never experienced any success trying to tell him how to get there in a standout stanza midway through. But from the outfit to the guitars bleeding everywhere, I think this is SMYTH's first big foray into the rocker aesthetic.

There are as many stereotypes about drugs in the rock and roll culture as there are in the Hip-Hop world. So either way, I was expecting some pretty cliche scenes of either fiends being served or raging parties to be taken too far and all that... Nah. Much like his cover artwork or this single, SMYTH has gone the metaphoric route in this Noah Hudson-Peralta directed visual. The colors, lighting, and performance are high quality throughout but my personal take was that the video reflected both a 70's classic rock funk as well as a modern horror movie element as well. Both are easy to parallel with "Drug Use" as nobody was more fucked up and glamorous at the same time then those ax legends of yesteryear and nothing can be quite as unsettling and alone as drug dependency-- its a real life horror flick. Y'all draw your own conclusions watching SMYTH's "Drug Use" and make sure to stream his music and follow on social media to stay in tune with his movement.

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