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Snootie Drops Latest Music Video "For Fun"!

Snootie is a 26-year-old Brazilian artist originally from Connecticut, but she currently resides in Virginia. Snootie has a wide array of music ranging from energetic, pop-rap, trap-rap, and more with a slight Brazilian touch. She recently dropped a video for her rendition of FNF titled For Fun, and she definitely brought the energy with this one!

A lot of musicians are worried about perfection nowadays, but this is the true definition of having fun! I loved the 90s vibe of the music video, and the red ambiance really set the tone. Snootie comes in hot with the first line and just rode the beat the entire time! Her confidence is unmatched and it added a nice touch to the already upbeat vibe. You can tell that everyone in the video is just hype and having fun. Their energy is contagious and you'll definitely be bopping your head along to this one.

"Said I'm S-N-O-O-T-I-E, I bet you heard some shit 'bout me". -Snootie

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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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