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"Something Indie Water" Festival Highlights Independent Virginia Musicians Alongside SITW

In support of Pharrell Williams' "Something In The Water" music festival, we're throwing a free, three-day Something Indie Water Festival with a stacked group of Virginia artists, sponsors, and event producers.

Here are the quick details:

  • What: "Something Indie Water" --- A Celebration of Virginia’s Independent Music

  • When: April 28-30, 2023 --- During Something in the Water

    • Friday, April 28: Noon - 5:00pm

    • Saturday, April 29: Noon - 5:00pm

    • Sunday, April 30: 10:00am - 2:00pm

  • Where: FFX Theatre, 206 16th St. in Virginia Beach — at the main entrance to Something in the Water

  • Who: Virginia independent artists, fashion brands and vendors

  • Artists: Shaolinn, Gee Litt, Ni'eve, Cane, Roberta Lea, Gifted Hands, Nat, G-Salih, Jade Josephine, Noah-O & Big No, LewSid, Fishskale Rabble, Fulmetal Parkas, Khi Infinite, WhyNotDuce, Kingna Scott, Rudy Walker, Taesean, Dyfferant, Bobby Blaze, Will Amadeus, T.R.I.G, Slim Kartel, MachineMook, Illa Styles, Drew Famous, Khalif Bryant, Pvvli, DJ Suave, DJ LouDawg , DJ E Shorty, Josh Forte, RazJah, J. Clyde, Illien Roswell, JR Swiftz, Zeek, VonLow, Nay G, DJ TrapReem, Kalene Scott, T-Rifik, Hyphen, Andre Palace, Diggity Dash

  • Sponsors and affiliates: FFX show, theMSQshop, CNTR , Slight Since , VA Natural Gas, Virginia Talks Different, ️Springstory, FrequencyVA, ️Prime Records Studio, ️Mind After Midnight️, Level1Graphix, Norfolk Prevention Coaltion, ️Holla Inc️, G-Man Live️, Made In Norfolk, Scotty B, Forte, JBRI, BlackLight Studio, Flavor by Snow, KDSHOTTHAT, ️Victoria (DOMore), HLGNLIFE

“We’re thrilled that Pharrell Williams continues to bring acclaimed national artists to Virginia,” festival director OG Illa says. “We want to show our support and use this opportunity to showcase independent artists from across the Commonwealth.”

In addition to music, we'll have a fashion marketplace, local vendors, a bar, and refreshments at our Friday and Saturday events. Our Sunday event is a first come, first served brunch sponsored by Aspire To Inspire Music Group and VA Natural Gas.

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