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Sonnie Babble Drops Much Anticipated Album "Tower Of Babylon"

Sonnie Babble gained local notoriety in the Inland Empire for his music, resulting in constant plays over various Southern California radio stations. He stays in his hyperbolic time chamber of a studio, constantly recording, mixing, and mastering music for himself and local artists. His long-awaited project, Tower of Babylon, is what happens when you bet on yourself and put in the ten thousand hours needed to master your craft.

In the T.O.B. Intro, he feels like if his city is like a sports league and they ignore him, he'll still be recognized in the top ten of all time. Sonnie felt like he lived his life solely known as a prospect with untapped potential. He expands on how not everyone is meant to ride with him as he lives out his musical dreams. Throughout the project, you can hear Sonnie's passion as he breaks from the shell of a prospect and moves like a professional entering his prime.

Runaway featuring Gxrld and Curtiss King has Sonnie asking for clarity in his journey. Sonnie seeks balance between making personal life with a woman and establishing a professional life in music. Gxrld and Curtiss King provides their experiences dealing with the same challenge Sonnie is in and it makes for a wonderful song as the chorus reveals Sonnie's solution.

Some highlights of Tower of Babylon are Runaway, Fantastic 4, and I Stand Alone. I Stand Alone is the perfect closing track as he destroys the last of the walls he kept up from the public. He raps about past conversations and gives his flowers to some of his closest confidants before his father's passing. The final track is truly a tear-jerker that would make you want to reach out to your family, call them, and let them know how appreciated they are.

It's a thirty-seven-minute album that can be played straightforwardly and on shuffle. Tower of Babylon can be streamed on all digital streaming platforms. Sonnie Babble can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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