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Southpaw Battle Coalition Presents "Run My Fade" May 20th

Richmond's premier battle rap league, Southpaw Battle Coalition returns with its newest event Run My Fade. This is the league's first event this year since crowning their champions from their first-ever tournament, Big Jinya, and J Morr. The league is currently looking for contenders to face Jinya and Moor, so this event will make the emcees bring out the best in each other.

On top of the card is co-founder of Southpaw Battle Coalition Bravo versus the elite emcee, Habeeb. Bravo is a seasoned veteran who battled the likes of Moon, Drugz, Nu Jerzy Twork, Trill Nik, and Radio B. Habeeb is carrying the momentum of releasing his group's debut EP Injoy or Die and cypher performances for World Emcee and RVA Rap Elite earlier this year. It is a much-anticipated battle in the Richmond battle rap scene and we'll get the answer to the question of who will win between the two in a battle.

Cane vs Sneeze is an attention-grabbing battle as it'll decide the winner of the RVA Rap Elite branch of the Bar Fight Tournament. The Bar Fight Tournament has emcees rapping three rounds on three different beats from producers worldwide. One side of the bracket has emcees from the World Emcee and the other side has lyricists from RVA Rap Elite.

Sneeze advanced past Habeeb and Cane got past King Fizzle in the semi-finals of the RVA Rap Elite side. Both are highly skilled lyricists and unique artists. Although Cane has much more experience battling, Sneeze has proven time and time again at cyphers he can spar with the best of the best.

This event features Bakarii Kennedy and Ro$$etti battling respectively against Gees and Tre Awthenicc. Both Kennedy and Ro$$etti just battled against each other at Rap Elite and put on their best performances to date.

The other battles feature a mix of familiar faces like Face battling Reeveytown and newer faces such as Rel Lyfe battling Bars On i95 alum Era Hardaway and Diante LS battling Tson. Run My Fade is expected to further establish legacies and create new ones simultaneously.

Tickets are available and you can find Southpaw on Instagram @southpawbattlecoalition and RVA Rap Elite on Instagram @rvarap.elite and @Raprva

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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