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Spotify Welcomes You to the Green Room

With Clubhouse piquing in popularity, the world leader in audio distribution, Spotify, has acquired Betty Labs (the company behind live audio sports app Locker Room) and has now entered the live audio industry. With the quality gap between audio streaming services closing rapidly, Spotify sought out a way to diversify its platform. Enter Green Room.

Much like with Clubhouse, Green Room is a platform with which one can create and join live rooms and use tags to search for subjects they're interested in as well as upcoming broadcasts. The game-changing feature that sets Green Room apart from its competition is the opportunity for live audio creators to monetize their work. Launching later in the summer, Spotify's Creator Fund will be just that feature.

Having launched June 16, 2021, Green Room already presents a promising way for artists to reach their audiences and cultivate even more organic interaction. To find out more about Green Room and what's in store for this budding platform, visit the link below.

Written By: Thomas @thomas.rhj on Instagram and @oko_wicasa on Twitter

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