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Stay Up with L I S E's new single "Soarin'"

Calling to those who like to move silently with big dreams in pursuit, Soarin' is your next anthem. Crusin' down Main Street with your shades on while manifesting all the better things to come, or as Lise likes to put it, following your calling, is where I see myself as I listen to the artist's new song. With a smooth and regal-sounding production, Lise spits about her versatility and originality despite the relatable struggles of breaking into social media platforms like Tik Tok and Youtube as an indie artist.

Take a look at the indie artist's beautiful visual set in Richmond's very own belle isle area.

Although whatever you do, make sure to add this to your morning manifestations playlist on Apple and Spotify.

Follow L I S E on IG and Twitter @eforlise

Written by Arianna Rackham @Ariannarackham

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