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Swimming with SwamiiTheProducer In Audio Waves With ProTools

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Dumauri Ellis, a.k.a SwamiitheProducer is an audio engineer, recording artist, and music producer. The Richmond native states that music has allowed him to have a hand in many creative projects. After graduating high school in 2013, Ellis pursued a Marketing & Sales BSA degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. With the updated release of his ProTools Template, Swamii discussed how his time in college developed his artistry.

"With the ambition to combine my growing pursuit of music knowledge and applying it to the

music industry. Through my academic studies, I also pushed to learn musical

programs and elevate my ability to not only provide a great creative sound but also,

embellish what makes every artist unique. While at Virginia Commonwealth I was

introduced to a mass of creative musical elements in such an enriched city. Always

having a deep root for Hip Hop, RnB, and Jazz, I was exposed to an even wider array of

genres at a young age such as country, gospel, metal, pop, and indie alternative.

Upon graduating from Virginia Commonwealth in December of 2019 I’ve proudly

pushed to learn and develop new sounds through artist collaboration and

development. Truly delivering into my passion I began my full-time music pursuit and

haven't looked back since."

Templates & Productions

As of recently, Ellis has been developing the mindset of teaching people things that he has learned over the years so he can share the sound he has developed with other Richmond talents.

"One thing I do hold a ton of pride in are some of the people that have been a part of the journey here in Richmond. I was blessed to be put around just a handful of the mass of talent this city has to offer and I feel like the things that I create are different representations of the times invested with these people as well. I’m highly inspired by other producers from Richmond and seeing what goes on around me is what I really try to captivate in my instrumentals and sound kits. For example, the ProTools Template is a continuous project that I'm working on as I expand my audio engineering knowledge. The number of music techniques I’ve learned and have been exposed to through working in studios with other engineers is what I display through these projects. Since I’m always learning to do what I love, better, it just makes things like this so much fun to work on."

You can click HERE to access the updated ProTools Template and follow him on Instagram: @SwamiitheProducer

Written by: Mikayla Roane. @_msroane on all social media.

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