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T. Boogie and Kilobumpin Perform a "Magic Trick"

Credits: Single Art courtesy of T. Boogie's team.

T. Boogie’s most recent release, a single called “Magic Trick,” continues to prove his identity as an artist, and can be connected back to themes from his series of EP’s titled “Green Magic.”

The vibe of the song? Artistically dark. With keen ears for how the sounds of voice, instrument, and beats can work together to make a clear musical theme, T. Boogie and producer Kilobumpin expertly create what one would expect dark magic to sound like. The track begins with an eerie piano instrumental that maintains a minor tone throughout the song alongside a trap beat. What really creates the intended dark magic vibe on this song is Boogie’s deep, tenor register of his voice in which he raps in. T. Boogie is the type of artist who is aware of how his voice register works best musically, and with the help of Kilobumpin, this track is well-produced, consistent theme wise and a great addition to T. Boogie’s discography.

A Washington D.C. native, T. Boogie has been making music since 2015, according to his Spotify page. He has a solid sense of vocal and musical identity that will quickly attract any fan of laid-back trap music, hip hop or even lo-fi beats. If you’re a 21 Savage or Drake fan looking to expand your playlist, you’re gonna want to add T. Boogie to the mix!

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Written by Aaliyah Freeman, @freems_ on IG

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