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Tanerélle & ZAIA Join SIM On "SAMSARA"

SIM (@whois_SIM) enlists LA-based R&B vocalist Tanerélle (@tanerelle) and ATL native Hip-Hop artist ZAIA (@zaiavibes) for "SAMSARA." Following 2021 quick strikes "WORMHOLE" & "KARMA," the intergalactic being sonically details the bittersweet reality of multiverse lovers whose romantic journey has come to an end. As the self-produced track progresses, memories of many past lives instantly flood into the couple's current state of consciousness; allowing them to recognize their intimate relationship spans beyond this world.

In a press statement, collaborator Tanerélle reveals:

"When SIM reached out to me about SAMSARA, I was so overcome with joy. We got to create a song about a concept I believe so deeply in, our lives; this one, the ones before, the ones that’ll come after, and the love we encounter in each one. It’s such an incredible tribute to love in all its forms."

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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