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The Atomic Age Shows The Villain Side In "This Side: A"

The Atomic Age is a collective based out of Richmond, Virginia. It's composed of the Pnk Flamingo duo I covered in the past, Double You and Tobias, Ra Sol, and Bastian The Lesser. This Side: A is a two-track project narrated by a friend of theirs, Davena. The first track The Lot starts off with Davena leaving a voicemail at how infuriated she is at Rashad (Ra Sol) for ignoring all her calls and assuming he's with some other chick. The first track gives an R&B sound as Ra Sol is having lustful feelings for a woman he's in the studio with.

The song transitions into the other track Lombardy featuring Bastian The Lesser. Lombardy is the opposite spectrum of This Side: A. It has an ominous tone where Bastian describes the insanity that goes down on the "bardy". Ra Sol does the hook which describes the theme "You better tell somebody, there's a party on Lombardy. There's a body on Lombardy, there's a party on Lombardy" which plays to how Richmond was 11th in homicide rates in the US back in 2019 and it's infamous history for being the former murder capital.

This Side: A can be telling the side of The Villain in different means: one of being unfaithful, not being a good friend, and or display a side of recklessness. This two-track project produced and engineered by Diego is only just a taste of what's to come for The Atomic Age as they're planning to release a Side B soon. The project is available on all DSP's and you can stream it on Spotify below. Follow Ra Sol on Instagram and Bastian The Lesser on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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