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The Godbruvas Duo Releases Some A-Sides To "Godbrothers 3"

The Godbruvas of Jxtt and Casino-Damerino hailing from Maryland released the three-track single A-Sides to their Godbrothers 3 project coming out on September 16th. On Grey Skies, Jxtt shares his passionate feeling of a spiritual bond that clears out the aloof feelings that cover his heart from accepting love. Casino shares a different view of grey skies where he wants to hear a well done instead of applause from his favorites. In his verse, he questions if there’s any light in the world after being lost in all forms of politics. The following track, Lost, focuses on confronting the chaos that comes along w/ the constant fight for progression in today's black and white society. The topics that Jxtt and Casino get into are political uproar, spiritual awakening, and how they express themselves against the world when all they have is love in a world of hate. Obnoxious is an oxymoron where they discuss why they’re rapping about more conscious topics than the fast life of women and drugs. It's a good preview of what the duo has in store for their upcoming album dropping on the 16th. For now, you can stream the project on all platforms and follow the duo on Instagram @timjxtt and @raplandlord .

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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