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The Inland Empire Rapper Aye Sincere Wants "Marie" To Bloom With Him

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Rapper Aye Sincere is an emcee from the Inland Empire region of California. He released the visual for Marie, which is the leading single from his previously released four-track EP, Jaded Pink. The visual itself shows Sincere being smitten for his Marie and uses the visual to tell a tale of floraison (blossoming) between his darling and himself. Some of the metaphorical flower lines include "We give each other life, that's photosynthesis..." along with "Sunflowers gonna bloom when you enter in the room, that's crazy in my car zooming like you're Mrs. Daisy". The chorus "I just wanna bloom with you, come along and bloom with me. No telling what we will grow, come along and bloom with me. Marie, aye aye!". In the second verse, he switches between rapping in English and Spanish to show his linguistic diversity over the song and describe how he doesn't see Marie as a rose without it's petals, but more of a sunflower.

This video uses bubbly animation to make use of the vibrant natural hues of sky blue, sunflower yellows, and tulip pinks to stick to the concept of the theme. The Victor Hernandez shot project does the song its justice in presenting the pop melody that Marie has produced by multiplatinum producer Nabeyin. Aye Sincere also has released clothing for the brand and included a number to text and call so his fans can stay up to date with Sincere for merch, music, and exclusive content. Text the number 909-294-2259 to sign up and stay up to date with Sincere.

You can follow Aye Sincere on Instagram @ayesincere and Twitter @Aye_Sincere on Twitter. Nabeyin can be found on all social media platforms @Nabeyin

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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