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The Mission Interview: V The Writer

Navi Johnson, better known as V The Writer, is a Virginia rapper that strives to uplift her community. She shares her thoughts, dreams, and epiphanies in her music, spoken word, and storytelling. V The Writer has three EPs in her catalog and does more than music. The Virginia State University alumna is the owner of the RVA Black Farmers Market, which hosts various black-owned businesses monthly. She gracefully wears many hats with an entrepreneurial spirit. V has received recognition from Voyage ATL for her endeavors and with her work ethic, her influence will only continue to grow.

Jay: How was the process for creating your single Over?

V: Over is a fun, gritty energy-type song. I wrote it specifically because I wanted to create a song that I would work out to in the gym. I’m in the gym about four times a week and have been going extra hard to get rid of post-baby weight. The song came to play with the gym in mind and the end results. Then I saw a meme that said something like “…when I finally get cute it’s over for you bitches” or something like that and that’s how I came up with the hook.

It’s also a fun post-partum anthem. I want women, especially women who struggle to get back into themselves after they have a baby, to have those boss moments; those pick-me-up moments, whether getting back into the gym or going back to work or whatever they are getting back into. I want women in post-partum to feel l