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The MSQ Shop Presents: Ceo.wav & Ja-P's "Welp"

Welp, there’s a lot to say with this one but let’s start with the basics first. Welp is a recently released 10-track collaborative album showcasing rappers Ceo.wav and Ja-P. The album comes just right after Ceo.wav’s latest solo project (And I haven’t Cried Since) but between the two, growth is present, and a tonal shift occurs.

In this interview done by fellow MSQ’s Jay Guevara, Ceo.wav, the artist commented that, “This Is A Cry For Help (first solo album) was mainly about how I was feeling, And I Haven’t Cried Since is not only about how I feel, but it’s mainly about what ended up happening to me…” So, if that’s the case then Welp is… (at least to me) the “fuck all ah’ that” statement. Although seriously on Track 10: Done, Ceo.wav says “ Ja-P and I did a project just to pick each other up, it didn't work out, and that's the reason Welp is the name."

Which I can understand why in a sense. Ceo.Wav and Ja-P are both extraordinary artists just as much as they are ordinary people who “go through it” like the rest of us, and these two certainly have a knack for storytelling. In each song we see another side to an issue in their lives in detail but surprisingly enough, even with today’s music climate, it doesn’t sound repetitive.

What Welp does sound like is dynamic. In every song, I got a sense of a lot of moving parts, and despite a lot of aggressive deliveries there’s a subtle change in nuance that gives everyone something to walk away with added to their playlists. For those who prefer a more organic feel, Red Sea and Done ring out clearer. Then Get a Grip could be seen as a slower moment in the project as an ode to a loved one. Tracks 222 and Dirty Laundry also offer more playful moments for listeners. Plus on songs like The Way It Was, and even throughout the project, I found myself repeatedly thinking that there had to be more than these two artists in the mix, but found only one feature in the whole entire album. It was simply their creative lyricism, mastery of rhythm, blatant vulnerability and Ceo.wav’s skills as a producer that accentuated these artist’s ability to keep listeners—listening.

Although what this album shows off the most isn’t just how insightful or self-aware they are, it’s their chemistry as collaborators! Ceo-wav even said it himself online that, “everything about working with him was so organic and natural.” Which you can only really witness in the Helping Hand up above. Talk about a lucky break, I can’t believe this project almost didn’t happen, but oh well(p), these two just got another fan.

Make sure to go and stream Welp here. To listen to Ceo.wav's first 2 solo projects, either look up Ceo on AppleMusic or Ceo.wav on Spotify.

Artist Social Media:

Ceo.wav - (@canteveroutdo)

Ja-P - (@thejawhoraps)

Written by Arianna Rackham, @ariannarackham on all socials.

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