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THE NARCISSIST - BRADY WATT. ft. Westside Gunn & DJ Premier

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A melody, almost heavenly, the way wind will blow chimes in a slight breeze, sets the tone, when Carlos Homs gets to playing with KI’s. Brady being so nice on the Bass, that even the casual fan can peel back the layers as if the beat was an onion, ready to be diced by the luxurious coke raps, of the silver-tongued, Westside Gunn. DJ Premier blessed the beat as he chops the vocals of Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine, from their 2019 collaboration, Headlines. “Drive-by music, the shit he can pop his toast to. His chopper smoke and it adios you. My buzz bicoastal, took the game over like I’m supposed to.” “Flip whatever I can sell you, cause failure won’t be an option.” This is the type of attention to detail that really elevates the level of artistry on display, in a masterpiece such as this.

You knew it was just a matter of time before Brady and Gunn linked for a project of this caliber. Especially, when every third stream, Live from Headqcourterz (Brady’s quarantine residence until he was booted to make room for the ladies of the JBN to pod [JOKES]), Brady was rocking the Pray for Paris hoodie or tee, putting in hours on that upright bass. Speaking of Pray for Paris, the last time Preemo and Gunn linked, was on another war story from a thirsty young hustler, entitled Shawn vs. Flair. The story behind how this one came into existence is wild. Gunn, who had just returned from Paris Fashion Week, was in the hospital battling it out with Covid. Preem sent him the beat and the Griselda Don recorded the vocals right there in the hospital. Watching this all transpire via IG, at the time, was both inspiring and chilling. Seeing someone cut from the finest of silk cloths, going through it like that, was scary, being that this was the beginning of the panini when a lot of people still didn’t have all the correct info as to how the virus could spread. I had just seen Gunn two or three weeks prior, at a meet and greet, during the last leg of the WWCD Tour. Honestly, was slightly shook. Nonetheless, the PREEMO x FLYGOD collab made the album and in no time at all, Gunn was back outside, dripped out, pretty as Julia Lang.

Flygod, being the illest kat, per se, is known for taking his passion for music, art, fashion, and wrestling, and being able to combine these aspects and present them to the world in a way that both envelopes and elevates the purity of the culture, leaving it much better off than how he came across it. In true Griselda Fashion (Rebels), The Narcissist is named after the persona of 90s wrestling icon, Lex Luther. Turning true heel, it’s almost as if Gunn feeds off the energy of those that just don’t appreciate the way Flygod is spittin the braggadocios bars right in their face. And like when the fiends fallout; oooooopse, we sorry…

Although this is Brady’s initial link with Gunn, it’s not the first time collaborating with Griselda. Outside of his Bass and Bars project, he was a featured artist, along with Paul Wall and Benny the Butcher, on the Statik Selektah joint, No Substitute. Brady has also been doing a lot of production and live streams, via his Round Table segment, with the infamous Flee Lord. All of this coming on the heels of the track he produced for Jack Harlow, on his 2020 studio release, dubbed That’s What They All Say. The track entitled Same Guy, Features Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

The two TTT collaborators, Preemo and Brady, have some live streams with producer Marc Rebillet. Hopefully, that live show in NY will be announced soon. Until then, check out the official video for The Narcissist. The animation done by Jim Warren really encompasses the way Gunn transforms his lyrics into movie scenes as if what he is saying takes to life right in front of your eyes. I’m excited to see if this ends up on one of the two, forth-coming projects, West has slated to drop before the end of the year. Until then, Sincerely, Adolf…

by: CN Rondo






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