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THE NARCISSIST - BRADY WATT. ft. Westside Gunn & DJ Premier

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A melody, almost heavenly, the way wind will blow chimes in a slight breeze, sets the tone, when Carlos Homs gets to playing with KI’s. Brady being so nice on the Bass, that even the casual fan can peel back the layers as if the beat was an onion, ready to be diced by the luxurious coke raps, of the silver-tongued, Westside Gunn. DJ Premier blessed the beat as he chops the vocals of Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine, from their 2019 collaboration, Headlines. “Drive-by music, the shit he can pop his toast to. His chopper smoke and it adios you. My buzz bicoastal, took the game over like I’m supposed to.” “Flip whatever I can sell you, cause failure won’t be an option.” This is the type of attention to detail that really elevates the level of artistry on display, in a masterpiece such as this.