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The Rising Relevancy of Online Radio with 101.1 The FAM

When was the last time you rode in your car without the aux cord or Bluetooth? When was the last time you adjusted your stereo to tune into a particular host on FM radio? The answers vary depending on who you ask, but one thing is clear - the prevalence of streaming has had an enormous effect on both FM and online radio. Whether it be podcasts or online radio mediums such as iHeart, touching the dial has evolved into swiping the illuminated screen. This evolution has left many of us asking questions about online radio’s significance and impact on the game, how can it help artists? How does it maintain itself in the industry? What even IS online radio?

Thankfully for us here at TheMSQShop, we were able to sit down with Daryl “Tek” Burton, one half of the collab that includes Allen “AD” Roney - the people behind the pivotal Richmond online radio broadcast, “101.1 The FAM”

B: Before we dive into the logistics, 101.1 has provided opportunities for artists. That’s an amazing thing to be able to say about your program. But what’s an opportunity that was never given to you?

Tek: I was never given the opportunity to be who I was in High School. Being my size, and coming from where I came from, I was expected to play sports. So that’s just what I did. The pressures of the status quo.

B: How did that influence you?

Tek: It made me more liberal - respect the freedom of choice.

B: What’s the success you’re seeing with online radio?

Tek: Just seeing those who wouldn’t have had the opportunity have it. We don’t have as many hoops to jump through. We’re able to have that voice without going through the machine.

B: What’s the difference between an online format and an FM?

Tek: With the way internet radio is set up, the host pays the station to Host vs. FM radio - where the station pays the host. I will say that we’re both similar in quality of sound, though.

B: So, what does online radio do for independent artists? 101.1 specifically?

Tek: Seeing as how we’re still in our infancy, not much, it’s more or less on the artists and them having their business together?

B: Break that down.

Tek: So, we don’t get artists crazy exposure but we provide a setting to network - we help build the connections. Now, if an artist has all their business together that’s key; BMI, ASCAP, these things can get your song royalties. Essentially, use us and other online radio platforms as a tool! Our station isn’t geared towards indie play and these artists aren’t getting the most exposure off these online platforms, so, know how to use it!

Follow the station on Instagram @1011thefam and listen to them now.

Written by: Bakarii Kennedy @thereakbakari_ on Instagram.

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