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The Soundtrack of My Life Playlist (In Words) #2

Welcome back to my life's playlist or the soundtrack of my life. Whatever you call it, these are the songs - new & old - that are with me forever. Every song I put on this playlist is gonna certifiably classic because it's MY list but feel free to let us know songs we may need to consider.

Anyways, on everything I love I think this is the best song ever created. Usher was in his Louis Duffle. I remember my mental state when I first heard that song and it's cinematic music video. Although, Usher made some questionable moves, it was epic and intense. I remember being nervous he wasn't going to get his girl back in time.

These are the type of releases sent me into a deeper appreciation for the artists who truly make these powerhouse records and as a kid I was impressed beyond belief. First, whats not to love? Usher captured every good element of the culture in this song. With the help of Jermaine Dupri - this songs production was just unbelievable.

The guitar pluck itself was enough to keep the song alive but Usher adds beautiful melodies and the ultimate hook. What is really interesting is the rapping at the end was seriously ahead of its time *cough* you're welcome Drake. He also did that in the song My Way as well but I'll save that for another discussion.

I remember being in the middle of my living room and I was standing on a stepping stool singing this song at the top of my lungs. Next thing I know, I slipped of the stool and landed on the stool. I was hurting! Yet, while this was just totally tidal waving my life, Usher ends up saving the girl, going #1, and making another classic all while making it to my life's long playlist.

Written by OG ILLA

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