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The Soundtrack of My Life Playlist (In Words) #3

When I do these editorials I realize a few things... 1) I am not young anymore. Most of the songs I've begun this list with are 20+ years old and 2.) I didn't realize how much movies influenced some of my taste in music 3.) my entire playlist so far is all music my mom put me on. Well, this song is no different.

Whitney Houston is my favorite musician of all time and songs like this just prove why. I remember sitting with my mom watching this movie (she was into the movie heavy) and I was entertained but more or less just interested in watching Whitney and Nia Long who were my childhood crushes. I vaguely remember the trailer and hearing "Exhale" (Shoop Shoop) but it wasn't until my mom got her hands on the soundtrack did I really fall in love with the song.

At first, all I wanted to do was sing a long to "Shoop Shoop" repeatedly but the older I got I was truly taken by the beauty in the song and the power of Whitney's voice. She has a way of tapping into your soul like no other singer I've heard to date. The production has this elegance about it that just elevates her voice while making the song positive; although the lyrics are about break up and ultimately the importance of having a strong core of friends by your side.

Sometimes you'll laugh

Sometimes you'll cry

Life never tells us, the when's or why's

When you've got friends, to wish you well

You'll find your point when

You will exhale

Overall, this song is just one of the many amazing songs in Whitney's catalogue but also has an intense hold on me and my adolescence. So next time you are struggling and you feel things won't get better. Exhale, let the stress go and find comfort that there are people who care for you and love you.

Written by OG ILLA

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