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The Soundtrack of My Life Playlist (In Words) #4

Whoa. Want to talk about a moment in music history that just slaps you in the face? This was it for me. When A$AP Rocky dropped Live.Love.A$AP I finally understood how important branding can be for a musician. The aesthetic alone had me intrigued and then when I got to hear it... MIND BLOWN.

I remember I had just ran off on the plug so I was up big so I was in Church Hill living my best life. The first thing I did was check out the music video for "Bass" and at that moment I knew I was not only experiencing something special but something that was truly one of a kind.

A$AP Rocky solidified himself in hip hop history with this release because he did something that really had never been done before. He mixed Harlem's New York fly raps with Houston's classic chopped and screwed sound - and did it at the highest degree. After seeing the video, I replayed it - no lie - at least twenty-five times in a row before I eventually played the entire project.