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TheMSQshop At RVA Fashion Week

RVA Fashion Week has been a staple event in Richmond, Virginia for the past 14 years. With every year it takes place, it becomes bigger, more influential, inclusive, and diverse. This year was no different; in fact, we got an invite ourselves at theMSQshop to join and represent the Art District. In this article, I will explain our participation and my experience as a designer and contributor.

As some may know, my name is OG ILLA and I am not only the owner of theMSQshop but also the Creative Director. For years, I have worked with numerous indie and major musicians on graphic design, music videos, merch, recording... but I feel my most important contribution has been branding. So, when Jimmy Budd (Owner/Creator of RVAFW) asked for me to participate, I was excited. I have designed numerous pieces for others and myself over these years but this time I really wanted to take it a step further. My main goal was to represent the Hip Hop and R&B (and Pop) culture in RVAFW, finally.