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Tribe 95 Kicks Off 2022 With A Surprise Tape!

Tribe 95 defines themselves as an "artist family, creative collective, and music label." The tribe is from Richmond, VA, and their group consists of singers, rappers, producers, etc. They are truly the definition of everyone in the group understanding their assignment!

To kick off the new year, Tribe 95 released a surprise tape for their fans titled Tribe 95 Collection Vol. 1. The tape consists of fourteen tracks, and I assure you that anyone listening will be able to find a song to their liking. What I loved most about this project was that it was a listening experience that will appeal to everyone!

The cover art and song diversity of this project shows how this group draws inspiration from various genre and artists. I really enjoyed how each artist added their own flare and flavor to each song. This tape is something that could not have been made by just one individual: Tribe 95 is a prime example of how team work makes the dream work!

Right off the bat, the first song is a good intro that draws the listener in. Most people will decide if they want to keep listening to a song after the first 20 seconds, and this song definitely does the job of leaving the listeners wanting more. Aquabot's voice is alluring, smooth, and dreamy.

Another little detail I noticed was that the transition from Checking Up On Me to Say That was so clean! It was an effortless transition that demonstrated their artistry. The song itself reminds me of the group BROCKHAMPTON, a personal favorite of mine.

I really loved Goat Bandit for three main reasons: the bars, the delivery, and the bloopers at the end of the song. It was so effortless and raw, and it reminded me of battle rap a bit. I also enjoyed Fight because of the four drastic rapping styles of each individual. Each rapper knows how to spit bars while riding out the beat. It's like I couldn't stop listening because I wanted to hear more!

The track lineup was very much strategically planned out, like a five course meal. There would normally be two heavy hitting songs that was paired off with an instrumental track in between. It was a good refresher that made this more of an experience for me. On top of that, the songs were very versatile. I was pleasantly surprised by the contrast from Fight to Skyline Drive.

For the last course of this musical experience, I Believe is the perfect ending song. It's a soothing song with a dreamy guitar loop. It felt like the release after the journey. Listening to this tape was magical, and it was the first project in awhile where I thoroughly enjoyed each track! I obviously couldn't cover all fourteen tracks in this article, so all I can say is that everyone needs to listen to it for themselves!



Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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