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Tribe Reunites For SUMMER VIBES, Vol. 1

Christian rap artist Jxtt (pronounced like jet) is back once again but this time he’s not alone! This time he brought along the collective known as Nvtive. Spearheaded by Jxtt, he brings along with him Casino-Damerino, Treminwal, Gianni Marie, Deige, and newcomer Girard Moore. The group has been off working on individual projects but has now decided that the time was right to come together for this Super EP. As the name suggests the group wanted to come together to harness all the possible vibes you could ever need for the summer months.

What better way to start off the “sounds of the summer” than with an up-tempo island-themed bop Celebrate by Jxtt and Casino. The beat is infectious and I dare you to resist the urge to dance after listening to it for more than a minute. The lyrics match the vibe of the beat. The emcees express the joys they are currently experiencing. Jxtt talks about how he didn’t plan to get into music, yet here he is enjoying the good life and doing it with his team of best friends. Jxtt is feeling SO good that he’s riding his high all the way into heaven.

Track two is the lone single Beam Me Up featuring Jxtt, and Treminwal. This beat reminds me of a UK drill with its beat change. With that signature hat pattern and slick 808 patterns, the tribe aims to show you they can cross hard-hitting modern beats with Christian subject matter and the combination is actually quite beautiful. What I love most are the metaphors at play here. “Calling him Scotty BEAM ME UP!” says the artists. With Scotty being represented here by God. A reference that will surely land home with the Star Trek crowd. Or what’s left of them at least.

Next up is the track KING featuring Girard Moore. This beat is much more stripped down but I feel they do this to give you a much more personal portrayal of their faith. These two lay down Egyptian Cotton silky smooth lyrics over a backing acoustic guitar. This song is a profession of the beauty of their faith in the titular King. The two rappers effortlessly dance around each other lyrically like highway traffic. They are able to stand out as well as blend into one another fluidly.

Track four is titled Black Sheep. Gianni Marie provides the subtle soprano background vocals that tie this record together perfectly. But we can’t forget the returning Casino-Damerino. This is probably the most appropriately titled song on the project. It revolves around the concept of being the “Black Sheep” of the rap game. It has long been looked down upon when people try and rap about their Christian faith, but as Isiah 54:17 states “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” and that’s what keep them strong in their strive for greatness without the sacrifice of their belief system.

Finally, we’ve arrived at the finale, and what a GRAND one it is! Last on the track list is the song GROWING PAINS but unlike previous tracks, this song only features the New Jersey emcee Deige. And I’ll just say this song is by FAR my personal favorite. Deige’s flow is just straight butter. It talks about the struggles. The struggles of life, relationships with women, relationships with parents, making it in the music industry, and all the while holding strong to the faith in God. Despite the lack of success and support and the said growing pains, it’s still possible to bloom. And despite this struggle that can sometimes go unnoticed.

All in all, a great offering from a creative collective of artists all under a similar mission. To give the gift of music and the gospel by showing that you can be a rapper that’s true to their faith at the same time. You can catch all of the artists mentioned at their various Instagram accounts: @timjxtt , @raplandlord , @giannimarie123 , @neondeige , @treminwal , @brian_merriman4 ,@nxtive.tribe. This has been SavageX2. Til next time.

Written by: SavageX2. @seriouslyxsavage on Instagram.

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