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Troy & Rmzy Releases A Love Tune In "Make U"

Richmond rapper Troy and singer Rmzy collaborated on a love ballad called Make U. It's a smooth two-minute song where Rmzy states how this woman is unlike anything he ever ran across before and pleads "Just let me hold you down at night, I'll make you, I'll make you, I'll make you..." which leads to how she'll be loved in the Troy verses. Troy raps about what type of game he's running with the woman and that he's down for whatever in the two lavish verses. The production was done by Skinnyy Hendrixx and it compliments the modern-day sounding love ballad. You can stream it on Apple Music.

Photo creds: @nyseyez on Instagram

You can follow Troy and Rmzy on all social media @iamtroyjones and @therealrmzy

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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