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Tru Speech Is "Nodding" Off

Photo Creds: @55mmbae on Twitter


Tru Speech is back with his second single for the album Kioku. Compared to his previous single that was featured on here last month, American Girl, this song leans towards more of a Lofi sound. It has more electric sounds outside of the guitar in the second verse along with distortion in his voice during the choruses complimented by the soothing vocals of JaneyRox and justHeaven. That effect helps give the listener a perspective of being disoriented as he’s nodding off in his sorrows with past and current relationships as it's distracting him from focusing on bigger things.

The production was done by @LeeTRBL on Twitter. You can follow Speech on Instagram @truspeech and Twitter @JoeSweatpants. The singers featured are JaneyRox, @janeyrox on Instagram and @QuirkyJERK on Twitter, and justHeaven @heavenepiphany on Instagram and @EpiphanyHeaven on Twitter. It’s on all DSPs but you can check it out on Spotify below.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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