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VA Designer Shadé Elliott Remixes Thrifting with New Line, "Vintage Apparel 1996"

What’s more Hip-Hop than repurposing?

In the late 70’s, DJ’s like Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash began perfecting the art of digging through their record collections and finding the illest elements of obscure and classic tracks, stitching therm together, adding the energy and style found in their current surroundings and creating something new and beautiful. In the same way, breakers were turning old sidewalks into stages and parties, graffiti artists were turning tired buildings and oppressive landmarks into attending canvases for astounding visuals made with tools anyone can find at any hardware store. Hip-Hop reinvents and recycles.

Fashion is no different. And designer Shadé Elliott is continuing the tradition in her pieces with an emphasis on recycling thrift store finds and turning them into something fresh and unique.

Since being inspired by her seamstress grandmother, learning the art and industry, and traveling the world, this 24 year old self-made fashion mogul has come into her own and is now giving us her line, “Vintage Apparel 96.”

This VA native has been grinding hard the last several years with pop-ups and fashion shows all over the 757, 540, and 804. She has styled celebs, NFL players, and music videos and is now looking to take root in a brick and mortar location with her unique eye toward sustainability. Thrifting is hot right now. 1 of 1’s are hot right now. Gen X and old heads alike all agree that ’96 was a special time in the culture. Shadé Elliott has welded all of this together and created a brand truly worthy of your attention.

Make sure you check out “Vintage Apparel 96” and stay tuned to this entrepreneur as she fully blooms in the spirit of Hip-Hop…

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