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Vesta Explores The Emotions of "The L Word"

Vesta has been off the grid for a while to prepare a robust project for her fans and The L Word did not disappoint. Vesta draws her influences from Solange and Amy Winehouse to deliver heartfelt music that swoons listeners over. In the past, she has been featured on Revolt, Elevator, and local brands such as Lovelace Magazine and VirginiaGotNow.

The leading single for the EP, While We're Young, reflected the smitten feeling of yotuhful love. She sings to her crush asking him to kiss her with his eyes and explains how she can show her affection much better than she can explain it. Her voice compliments the strong guitar riffs as she articulates the many ways she is won over. She has a visual coming out for the single soon.

The EP's production by Elijah Moon had some interesting choices. Finders Keepers is the sonic opposite of While We're Young. The instrumental is a much slower, distorted, intimate sounding melody that supplements her possessive sayings for who she loves. You're Wrong is the sonic median between the two songs as she proclaims her disdain for the difficulties with her lover.

Overall, it is a solid musical return by Vesta as her vocals have improved during her hiatus. The features from Victorville, CA artist Elxjh gives the project a smooth male counterpart to balance the energies of The L Word. Vesta's five-track EP takes you through the superficial and deeper levels of The L Word in such a brief time.

Stream The L Word on all platforms. Vesta can be found on all social media @imvesta

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